Hi there! My name is Jennifer. I am a wife, new mother, and professional organizer. I love finding new and creative ways to keep homes organized. Are you interested in learning more about home organization and getting tips for your next project? If so, check out the Bell Home Organizing, LLC blog for a deep dive into home organization. 

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Linen closets have a tendency to become a catch all for a variety of household items, ultimately becoming cluttered and disorganized. For my next blog post, I wanted to share helpful tips and tricks to get your very own insta-worthy linen closet!  This is a great project to tackle now that we are all spending […]

Organizing Your Linen Closet 

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Losing a loved one is never easy. Neither is parting with their belongings. We tend to believe that their belongings are a piece of them. So, we hold on to them in order to keep the person (and memories) close.  Frequently, when a person passes away their items are boxed up and sent to relatives- […]

Organizing for a Deceased Friend or Relative

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Organizing challenges are extremely common. Chances are you have your own love/hate relationship with organization, or you know someone who struggles with their own home. Having an accountability partner to help you get your space in shape is a great idea. Like going to the gym with a friend, organizing with a partner can give […]

Organizing with Friends and Family

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