About Me

After 13 years of working in project management, I decided to channel my love of organizing into an exciting career helping people decrease stress and save time. I created my business, Bell Home Organizing, LLC to provide custom organizing solutions for busy clients in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

I currently live in Loudoun County, Virginia with my husband, new baby and four cats! I understand the stress that families, pet owners and working moms deal with on a daily basis.  

Hello! My name is Jennifer…. 

Meet the Founder

I enjoyed thumbing through large office supply magazines more than anyone should and would frequently sneak off to reorganize the office supply closet on slow afternoons.

I found as I got older, and life got more complicated, that being organized really helped me save time and energy.  Time is our most valuable resource and we do not want to waste it searching for important items. 

If you feel this way, call me! A stress free, organized lifestyle is just a phone call away. 

My love of organizing began when I first started working in an office. 

Organizing paper clips and highlighters

How I got started 

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Are you ready?

Are you interested in learning more about home organization? I would love to chat with you about your project and to see if I am good fit!

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